How To Strip Paint From Furniture And Hardware

Posted on: 18 December 2015


Painting over a stained piece of furniture isn't unheard of. It can be a beautiful look, but what do you do if you want that painted piece of furniture to have a stained wood look again? You'd need to strip down all of that paint and the stain to get your piece of furniture back to it's natural beauty in order to re-stain it. See below for helpful tips on how to strip down furniture and hardware (because sometimes hinges and knobs get painted over too).

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Heat gun
  • Paint scraper (both a flat and a triangle head scraper)
  • Sanding block (or a power sander)
  • Tack cloths
  • Wood stain
  • Lint-free cloths
  • Polyurethane (for top coat - optional)
  • Paint brushes
  • Breathing mask and goggles


  1. First, be sure to work in a well ventilated area and an area that you won't mind getting a little messy, such as the garage. Then change into something you won't mind getting dirty.
  2. Take off any hardware from your piece of furniture such as hinges, knobs and drawer pulls. Then take out any drawers and take off any cabinet doors.
  3. Plug in your heat gun, turn the heat setting to medium and the fan on high.
  4. Then begin at the top of your piece and work your way down. Place the heat gun close to the surface with a paint scraper just behind it. You are going to heat up the paint and strip it with your paint scraper. Be sure when using the heat gun you do not leave it in one place for too long, as you can burn and damage your furniture.
  5. Work this way with the heat gun and scraper just behind it all over your furniture. Use a triangle scraper to get into the smaller nooks and crannies of your furniture.
  6. Once you have the paint stripped, you may have just a little bit of paint still on your piece. You'll use your sanding block or power sander to sand down your furniture to make it even and to remove any leftover paint.
  7. After you are finished sanding, use the tack cloth to remove sanding dust. Be sure to get into all the cracks to remove as much dust as possible.
  8. You can begin staining your furniture after you've removed all of the dust. Apply the stain with a brush, then wipe off the excess/ wipe the stain into your piece using the lint free cloth. Repeat this staining process all over your furniture piece working in small sections.
  9. Once you have your furniture stained to your liking, you can apply the polyurethane to protect your furniture. Apply the polyurethane using the manufacturer's directions.
  10. Allow the polyurethane to cure before using your furniture.

Removing Paint From Hardware

To remove paint from hardware, you don't want to use any type of harsh chemicals. You can remove the paint by heating up the hardware in a hot bath. Simply place water in an old crock pot or pot of water on your stove-top (don't use anything you intend on using again). Place the hardware in the pot of water and allow it to heat up. Once heated, the paint will strip/peel off easily.

Stripping paint from your old furniture in order to re-stain it can be done fairly easily, just take your time.

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