The Benefits Of Fiberglass Gutters

Posted on: 19 January 2016


Fiberglass gutters are a new type of gutter, and are an alternative to the more traditional wooden, aluminum, and vinyl options that are most common on the market. Because of their uniqueness of their material, fiberglass gutters possess a unique set of advantages. Understanding the benefits associated with fiberglass benefits can help you decide whether or not they are the right choice for your home's roof.


Fiberglass as a material is naturally resistant to rot, rust, and corrosion, which means that fiberglass gutters are much more likely to withstand extended weather exposure when compared to their wood and metal counterparts. This helps save you time and money in the long run, as less maintenance, repairs, and replacements have to be done.


Fiberglass is highly resistant to cracking and warping, and is a very hard material. This makes it much easier to withstand physical trauma, which can occur during heavy storms or intensely inclement weather. Again, like the natural rot and rust resistance of fiberglass, this benefit will save you money on repairs and maintenance and give you peace of mind with the thought that your gutter system will not fail even during extreme conditions.


The high structural durability and stability of fiberglass means that it can be made with thinner walls. This means that it has a larger interior volume when compared to similarly sized wooden and vinyl gutters, making it much more efficient at moving water off of your house. This makes it much less likely for your gutters to overflow, which can cause water damage and promote mildew growth within your home.


Fiberglass gutters can be painted in a wide variety of different colors, which means that you can customize the look of your gutter system to easily match the aesthetic of your home. Additionally, fiberglass can be repainted, which means that you can change the look of your gutters if you ever change your mind without having to replace the entire system.


Fiberglass gutters have a seamless appearance without actually having to be made seamlessly. Seamless aluminum or vinyl gutters are custom made for your home, which represents a higher cost and longer installation time as the gutters have to be fabricated. However, fiberglass gutters are seamed on the inside of the gutter, and then finished on the exterior surface to give an authentic seamless appearance to your home without the actual customization.