Was Your Sofa In A Flood? 4 Tips For Restoring It

Posted on: 2 May 2016


When you get water in your basement, you'll have a ton of cleaning to do if you want to get your basement back to how it once was. If furniture got wet, you may be wondering if you can restore the item or if you'll need to throw it out. While hard surfaces are easy to clean thoroughly, restoring your sofa is not so simple. If you follow these tips, you'll be doing all you can to salvage your furniture.

Remove The Water Immediately

The longer the sofa was submerged in water, the less likely you will be able to restore it on your own. That is because the water can cause stains and smells that are very difficult to remove. Try to get the sofa out of the water, and remove as much  of the water from it as you can.

Use your wet vacuum to remove water from the fabric, and then use some towels to blot up remaining water. Leave the sofa outside in the breeze so that air can pass over it, helping the sofa dry. If you cannot leave the sofa outside, use fans to do the same thing. Getting the sofa dry as fast as possible is key to preventing water damage.

Clean The Stains

Once the sofa is dry, examine the material for possible damage since it most likely has water stains. If you have removable cushion covers, put them in your washing machine. Use a fabric cleaner on stains found on any cloth surface.

Fix The Damage

If you cannot get stains out of the fabric, now is the time to fix parts of the sofa that are permanently damaged. Thankfully, a sofa can be reupholstered if the damage is significant. Wood can be stained or painted to hide water damage as well. You may be surprised at how much of the sofa can be fixed.

Let Professionals Handle It

Restoring a sofa is not something that you do with any regularity, so you may not feel confident that you can get the job done properly. If keeping your sofa is important to you, consider having a water damage restoration specialist take care of it. They have experience with restoring all kinds of furniture, and know how to best get rid of any stains or odor. In addition, they can help restore anything else in your basement that was ruined because of water damage.