Did Your Home Have Water In It? Search These 4 Places For Potential Water Damage

Posted on: 13 July 2016


As a homeowner, know that water damage does not only happen when there is a broken pipe or flood. Damage from water can actually transpire over the course of several months or years. For instance, a small roof leak could big problem that you may not realize is happening until the damage is substantial. If you look for water damage in these 4 places, you can catch potential problems early.

The Crawl Space

For homes that have a crawl space, you'll need to periodically check it for water damage. If the area under your home is wet, it could permeate through your sub floor, resulting in softened wood and mold. In extreme situations, the subfloor could be destroyed.

A vapor barrier or plastic sheet can be installed in your crawl space to stop moisture from getting into the sub floor. If you have moisture trapped above the barrier, you know that the water is getting in from above your crawl space.

The Foundation

Be on the lookout for cracks that are in your home's foundation. It's easy to do a visual inspection, and repair cracks using ready-mix cement.

Homes in climates that have highly contrasting temperatures in summer and winter can have ignored cracks get worse. This is due to water getting into cracks, freezing, and then thawing. It eventually causes these cracks to enlarge and let more water in.

The Appliances

The appliances in your home that use water could have a water leak that you may not even realize. Check under the refrigerator, dishwasher, and washing machine for water. You can also check water hoses for signs of damage, which could soon lead to a leak occurring.

The dishwasher is harder to inspect since they are typically installed between kitchen cabinets. Check the floorboards in your basement or crawl space directly beneath the dishwasher for damage. You can touch them to find out if they are damp or look for water stains.

The Roof

Your roof is susceptible to damage from strong winds, which can rip shingles right off the roof's surface and expose the roof deck. It helps to not only inspect the roof's surface after a storm, but look inside the attic for damage as well. Once again, water stains are an easy way to find areas where water is getting into your home

If you do have damage caused by water, no matter how big or small, contact a water damage repair company such as Servicemaster of Buncombe County. They can take the necessary steps to remove mold, or replace parts of your home that have been damaged