3 Consequences You'll Experience If You Don'T Deal With The Leak In Your Basement

Posted on: 28 September 2016


It can be tempting to forget about a leak in your basement, especially if you don't use your basement on a regular basis. However, ignoring a leak in your basement can lead to serious consequences.

Consequence #1: High Humidity Levels

The first consequence that you will experience if you fail to fix a leak that is occurring in your basement is higher humidity levels. All of that water that is leaking into your basement will eventually start to evaporate, which will then increase the humidity in your basement. This will cause your HVAC system in your house, as well as your dehumidifier system if you have one, to have to work overtime to compensate for the unnecessary increase in humidity in your basement and in your home.

Increased humidity levels can also make your basement start to small a little dank and unpleasant.

Consequence #2: Mold Will Thrive

Mold spores are everywhere in the air around you; it is hard to avoid mold spores. Generally, they float around in the air harmlessly until the conditions are right for them to grow. If you have water leaking into your basement, you are creating the perfect home for all the mold spores that naturally occur in the air to take root and turn your basement into their home. Mold loves to grow in areas that are dark and moist, which perfectly describes your basement if water is leaking unattended into it.

Once mold takes root in your basement, it can grow and cover the surfaces of your basement in a matter of days. When mold has the right conditions, it can thrive. Once mold is established in your basement, it can require numerous hours to fight and clean it, can compromise your health, and can destroy the building materials in your basement.

Consequence #3: Foundation Problems Can Develop

Finally, one of the biggest consequences of allowing water to leak into your basement unchecked is that even a small water leak can compromise the foundation of your basement. The longer water is allowed to linger in your basement, the more time it has to seep into your walls and into the foundation, causing it to break down over the long-term. Repairing your foundation is an extremely costly project.

If you notice water leaking into your basement, don't wait for one of these consequences to occur; call up a contractor and work with them to find and stop the source of water into your basement and perform any necessary maintenance to prevent water from leaking into your basement in the future.