3 Primary Qualities Of The Most Skilled Seismic Retrofitting Contractor Ever Homeowner Should Know

Posted on: 26 January 2017


Living in a home in an area that is prone to seismic activity can be scary. You never know when the next wave of seismic activity could roll through and put your home and family in danger. While the majority of structures that are being built these days in such areas are already outfitted to protect against seismic activity, if you live in a home that is slightly older, your home may not have the standard safeguards in place.

The latest uptick in seismic activity in some areas have brought about a lot of new contractor teams who claim they can help, and many will do a good job. However, the key to ensuring seismic retrofitting is done properly is finding the right contractor for the job. Here are a few qualities to look for in your search for a professional contractor or service. 

The company works with a structural engineer. 

When you are working with the best seismic retrofitting team, you can assure they have a skilled structural engineer on their team or that they consult with through the project. These highly skilled professionals are incredibly perceptive and experienced in how a structure is built can interact with seismic activity,and they can offer valuable insight to every seismic retrofitting project. 

The company is familiar with many methods of seismic retrofitting. 

There are a handful of seismic retrofitting contractors who are primarily familiar with one or two techniques. While this is fine if these techniques are fitting for your type of home and the level of seismic activity, not every technique is a cookie cutter template to follow for every structure. Make sure the company you hire to retrofit your home is familiar with an array of processes, such as installing bearing plates, braces, foundation anchors, and shear transfer tiles, as well as implementing soil stabilization when it could be beneficial. 

The company has the necessary experience to address all structural needs, not just seismic retrofitting. 

This quality is often looked at as a bonus in the eyes of a homeowner, but it really is an intrinsic quality for these contractors to have that just goes along with the territory. For example, if you need your home retrofitted for seismic stability and your home has already had prior damage to the foundation, a good seismic retrofitting contractor will be able to help you address both issues. In some cases, they can do so concurrently, which is even better.