Tips To Help Deal With Moisture And Prevent Mold After Water Damage Restoration

Posted on: 27 February 2017


When dealing with a water damage restoration, you will also have to be aware of potential mold problems developing. When moisture is left behind, rot and mold will cause serious issues later. Moisture that gets trapped in your home will lead to mold problems and further damage. Here are some tips to ensure that your home stays dry and mold free after your water damage restoration:

1. Repair Any Problems That Allow Water to Get in Your Home

Many of the water damage problems in homes are caused by other damage, such as a plumbing problem or leak on the roof. When doing water damage repairs, make sure to locate the source of the water and fix any problems. Sometimes, the problems will come back if you do not do the repairs correctly. In addition, if you have a home that is on a basement foundation, have it inspected for damage and do any repairs that may be needed for the foundation and waterproofing.

2. Make Sure That Areas Where Water Gets Trapped Are Completely Dry

Water getting into your home causes problems in areas where there is no drainage. Some of the places in your home may cause a trap for water and moisture. When doing the restoration and repair work, make sure that water is removed from areas where it can be trapped, such as behind walls or in corners. First, you will want to sweep and pump out the water. Once all the water is out of the areas where it may cause damage, make sure that the moisture is not left behind by airing the area out with fans.

3. Dry Out Your Home and Continue Airing It Out Occasionally to Keep Moisture Out

When the demolition has been done, make sure that your home is well ventilated. During the process of restoration, the water damage restoration service will clean out water and dry everything out. There may still be moisture that gets trapped in your home. To ensure that moisture problems do not continue, occasionally air out your home and ventilate it, even if the restoration work has been completed. Occasionally, open up windows and doors, and use fans to circulate air through your home.

With good preparations and a few precautions, your home will stay dry and be mold free. Contact a water damage restoration service like Althouse Restore to get the help you need with cleaning and rebuilding your home to ensure it stays dry.