Did You Have A House Fire? Know How Your Home And Possessions Will Be Restored

Posted on: 16 November 2018


If you had a house fire that caused a lot of damage in your home, you may think that you need to tear down the house and start over again. However, that may not always be the case since there are companies that specialized in fire damage restoration that can help restore your home back to how it once was. Here is what you need to know about the process for both your home and your personal property.

Home Damage

The process starts by removing as much soot from your home as possible. Since the home will be soaked in water from extinguishing the fire, the next step is to try to make the home as dry as can be. This is done by circulating the air and using dehumidifiers to remove the moisture.

With the water gone, the fire damage restoration company can start making an assessment of what parts of the home need to be replaced and which parts can be restored. Wood parts of the structure that just have smoke damage can potentially be restored by deodorizing them to ensure that there is no smoke smell left in the home.

Be aware that many parts of the home will require replacement. This includes burned wood, carpeting, and drywall.

Property Damage

The other part to restoring your home is to clean as much of your personal property as possible. Unfortunately, some items cannot be saved from a fire. It is common for anything made out of plastic to be thrown away, especially if soot got onto the item. This is because the plastic will become permanently discolored with no way to fix it.

Fabric, wood, and metal items can all be cleaned to restore them to how they were before the fire. Stains need to be spot treated to make sure they can be removed, and if not, they'll be thrown away. Even if the stain can be removed, there is a chance that a smoke smell remains. This is why fabric items are placed in a room with an ozone generator, which will oxidize smoke particles so that there is no longer a lingering smell. Any item that cannot be repaired should be covered by your home insurance, which will result in replacing the items with a new one or giving you the depreciated cash value of it.

Meet with a fire damage repair service if you have any questions about the process.