4 Tips To Help Get Over A Fire And Begin The Renovations Quickly

Posted on: 14 May 2019


When your home has been damaged in a fire, the process of renovations can be time-consuming. If you skip some of the things that need to be done, you may be dealing with the remanence of the fire for years to come, such as the lingering smell of smoke. The following tips will help you quickly get over a fire and move on quickly with renovations:

1. Quickly Cleaning Up the Water to Prevent Future Problems with Damage and Mold

Water is a big problem when cleaning up after a fire because the water that was used to put the fire out can cause more damage. You will want to remove materials like carpet and damaged drywall as quickly as possible to prevent the stagnate water from causing problems with mold growth, which can often surface after the repairs have been completed.

2. Opening Your Home to Get Rid of The Lingering Smell of Smoke After A Fire

The smell of smoke is something that can be extremely difficult to get rid of when doing fire damage restorations. Therefore, it is important to open your home to allow fresh air in and the smell of smoke out. If there are damaged windows and doors, you will want to remove them to allow air in, as well as open the other doors and windows that have not been damaged.

3. Quickly Start Cleaning Up Smoke Damage to Get Rid of The Fire Smell

There is a lot of smoke that gets in your home during a fire, which can leave soot and residue throughout your home. You will want to thoroughly clean up any smoke residue in your home to ensure that the smell of smoke is gone when the restoration repairs have been completed. This may be a process that needs to be completed several times throughout the restoration and repairs.

4. Demolition and Inspection to Get Your Home Ready for The Repairs After a Fire

The last steps in preparing your home for fire damage restoration are the demolition of damaged materials and the inspection of your home. You will need to demo the materials that have been damaged by fire and by the water that was used to put the fire out. Have a home inspector inspect your home for structure and mechanical damage that needs to be repaired during restoration.

These are some tips to help you quickly get over the fire and begin with restoring your home. If you need help with fire damage repair, contact a fire damage restoration service to ensure that you do not have to deal with problems like the lingering smell of smoke or broken doors.